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Tucker University #2

Tucker University is a series of technique classes for the Studio 180 Design Tools & Techniques.  Each class will cover a Tucker tool to help you build your skill and accuracy.  Each session will be devoted to mastering the ruler.  Practice what you learn by creating 4" units using the techniques learned and then combining them into 12" blocks, which could be combined for a sampler quilt.

Required Tools
March: Corner Pop
April: Split Recs
May:  Diamond Rects
June:  Large Square 2
July:  Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star
August:  Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star

Basic Sewing Supplies
Sewing Machine with power cords and manual (just in case)
Cotton Thread (we recommend Presencia or Mettler)
80/12 universal machine needles
Snips or trimming scissors
Seam ripper

Basic Quilting Supplies
OLFA 45 mm rotary cutter with a sharp blade
Small cutting mat
Straight edge ruler approx. 6" x 12" or so (we recommend this one from Creative Grids)
True Grips®
Marking Pencil of your choice (we recommend this Bohin chalk pencil)
Best Press®
Fabric Requirements
Before coming to class, you will need to have your fabric cut according to the directions on the Design Sheet which you receive.
Cost: $ 90.00
Skill Level:Beginner familiar with rotary cutting
Requirements:Students must know how to use the rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat correctly.
Instructor:Wendy Dombrowski