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Machine Quilting Basics - Kelly Ashton

Do you love to piece tops but cannot seem to find the time to get the hand quilting done?  Then this is the class for you!  Kelly will teach you the basics of straight line and free-motion quilting so you can finish your tops more quickly!
NOTE: Kelly strongly recommends that you bring your own sewing machine to this class! It is very helpful to learn the techniques in this class on the machine that you generally use at home.

(Click HERE for a printable version.)

  • Kit (pre-printed, pre-basted quilt top, including batting and backing) available at the beginning of class ($25)
  • Sewing machine (bring your sewing machine manual if you do not know your machine very well)
  • Bobbin
  • Needles - universal tip, size 80/12
  • Walking foot to fit your machine*
  • Free-motion foot to fit your machine*
  • Seam ripper
  • Fabric scissors
  • Safety pins - size 1, either "regular" or curved
  • Machine quilting thread
  • 1/2 yd. of muslin - 44-45" wide
  • Quilter's Dream Batting - 18 x 22"
  • Water erasable marker
  • Paper and pen/pencil for notes
*BOTH feet are required for class.  Often these feet do not come with your machine and must be purchased separately.  Please check in advance to class so that you don't come without this vital supply!
Cost: $ 40.00
Kit $25.00 (pre-printed pre-basted quilt top, including batting and backing)
Skill Level:Beginner
Requirements:Sewing machine in working order that you have a good working knowledge of. Sewing machine accessories required: Bobbin, walking foot, free-motion foot, universal tip 80/12 needles, and power cord for your sewing machine.
Instructor:Kelly Ashton